Jump on it

If you’re reading this you probably already know
things need to change. Ok, so you love salty snacks and chocolate, but despite
that you have cut down on them, perhaps even cut them out. You may be eating
salads and fruits and have swapped out butter for low fat spread. You’ve done
everything you can right? Really? Deep down you know you have got to
exercise more. It’s the only thing that really works when all else has failed.
You’ve got to jump on it – literally. I’m talking trampolining

Trampolining for
weight loss?

but lets think of it more as for fun and fitness initially, toning up and
dropping some pounds will be a natural by-product of that. A full size trampoline is probably going
to be the best option if you have the space although there is absolutely
nothing wrong with starting off with a smaller rebounder – most low cost ones
will hold around 100kg so if you are a bit heavier than that you may need to go
for a more expensive one. Either way you will be able to
enjoy burning off some calories in a low impact and fun way.
Besides looking much better, let’s get your health to be much better too.
Without excellent health, you genuinely have absolutely nothing!

on trampoline to lose weight
is not a new idea but it also isn’t that
common for people to think of that before other methods such as weight lifting
or jogging or cycling – but I would say it is more fun than those, and just as
effective. Another benefit if you have children is that you can let them use it
when you aren’t and totally wear themselves out (whilst keeping fit
and healthy) and have much quieter evenings as well. Perhaps even let them
think you go it for them as a Christmas or birthday present – they won’t know
that you are using it whilst they are at school 🙂 At least not until
they see how much slimmer and fitter you have become and then they might become

Olympus Pro Trampoline
from Bouncing Around
on Vimeo.

You can generally do any activities that get your
blood pumping and your heart rate up. Any kind of cardio workouts will not just
assist you burn fat and drop weight, however will likewise enhance your health,
so consider getting a trampoline and jump on it!

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